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MARCEL TRUDEL FONDS - 1931-2010 - 6.5 m of textual records, 111 multimedia documents.

Reference Number: 305

Administrative history

The historian Marcel Trudel was born on May 29th, 1917 in Saint-Narcisse-de-Champlain near Trois-Rivières, Québec. In 1941, he obtains a B. A. from Laval University. Between 1941 and 1945, he teaches French, Latin and Greek at the Collège Bourget in Rigaud, Québec. In 1946 he publishes his first novel entitled Vézine which wins him the prestigious Prix David award. That same year he obtains his Ph. D. His thesis, entitled L’influence de Voltaire au Canada will create controversy for over 60 years after its first publication. The historian will thereon spend the rest of his life re-writing the history of New France, setting aside the traditional patriotic and religious view of French-Canadian history. Between 1945 and 1947, Marcel Trudel worked at Harvard University on a post-doctoral research before returning to Laval University where he taught as a History professor in the new Institut d’histoire et de géographie which he was hired to organize. He will be its secretary until 1954 and then its director until 1964. His lay approach to history and his work on slavery in New France angered the religious authorities which lead Trudel to eventually leave Laval University for Aylmer. During the move, the trailer carrying his papers and manuscripts caught on fire and the documents were destroyed. In 1965, he teaches at Carleton University and reorganizes its Institute for Canadian Studies. Then, in 1966, he becomes professor at the University of Ottawa. He also sits as director of the History Department until 1968. From Ottawa, he will contribute to various publications and headed the French section of the Canadian Biographical Dictionary. He’s named professor emeritus when he retires from the University of Ottawa in 1982. From his retirement, he continues publishing other works, including the 10th volume of his Histoire de la Nouvelle-France and a 5 volume series entitled Mythes et réalités dans l’histoire du Québec. Marcel Trudel passed away on January 11th, 2011.

Scope and content

This fonds holds documents received or produced by Marcel Trudel during his life. We can find various correspondence organized by the name of the correspondent, files on various honors and prizes that he won, documentation on his literary and historical works as well as research files that he put together during his career. This fonds also holds documentation assembled for his teaching at Laval University, the Collège Bourget as well as the University of Ottawa. Finally, this fonds holds various folders containing biographical information, documentation on his studies (since the beginning of his schooling in the Collège Séraphique to his university degree), the texts for his various speeches as well as numerous photographs of friends, research, various vents, travels and his years of study and teaching.

Immediate source of acquisition: Micheline D’Allaire

Languages: French and English

Restrictions: Documents containing personal and confidential information are restricted to consultation and reproduction. The records are submitted to the Copyright Act.

Finding aids: inventory of textual records and multimedia documents

Accessions: inventory of textual records and multimedia documents


FONDS MARCEL TRUDEL - 1931-2010 - 6,5 m de documents textuels, 111 documents multimédias

Numéro de fond: 305

Portée et contenu

Ce fonds est composé des documents reçus et produits par Marcel Trudel au cours de sa vie. On y retrouve de la correspondance classée par ordre de correspondant, des dossiers sur les honneurs et prix qu’il a remportés, de la documentation sur ses œuvres littéraires et historiques ainsi que des dossiers de recherche. Ce fonds contient, en outre, de la documentation rassemblée pour l’enseignement de cours à l’Université Laval, au Collège Bourget ainsi qu’à l’Université d’Ottawa. Finalement, ce fonds contient plusieurs dossiers contenant des informations biographiques, de la documentation sur ses études (depuis ses études au Collège Séraphique jusqu’à ses études universitaires), les textes de ses nombreuses allocutions ainsi que de nombreuses photographies d’amis, de ses recherches, d’événements variés, de voyages et de ses années d’études et d’enseignement.

Source immédiate d'acquisition: Micheline D’Allaire

Langues: français et anglais

Restrictions: Les documents contenant des informations personnelles ou confidentielles sont restreints à la consultation et à la reproduction. Les documents sont régis par la Loi sur les droits d’auteur.

Instruments de recherche: inventaire de documents textuels et des documents multimédias

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