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HUMAN RIGHTS RESEARCH AND EDUCATION CENTRE FONDS. - 1983-2009. - 3.07 m of textual records. - 610 multimedias documents.

Reference Number: 186

Administrative history

The Human Rights Research and Education Center was the brainchild of former ambassador to the United Nations, Yvon Beaulne who obtained the support of the rector Gordon Fairweather. Having obtained the support of the University of Ottawa’s Senate, the Center opened its doors in 1981 under the leadership of Professor Walter Tarnopolsky. Right from the beginning, the center began to publish books and organize conferences, research and international projects on human rights. Professor Tarnopolsky was replaced in 1983 by Professor Ed Ratushny who founded the Chair on Human Rights Gordon F. Henderson as well as a documentation centre on human rights. Among the next directors of the centre, we can mention Gérald-A. Beaudoin, William F. Pentney, William W. Black, Errol Mendes and Joanne St-Lewis. During the 1980s the Center created a Summer College and Summer Courses on Human Rights. In 1988, the Canadian Government signed an agreement with the Centre leaving it the management of the Court Challenges Program until 1991 when the program was abolished. The 1990s also saw the creation of more and more international projects and tighter bonds with the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa.

Scope and content

Administrative files from the Centre including annual report (1981-2005), minutes (1990-1994), correspondence (1981-2007), documents and audiovisual recordings of conferences and other activities. There are also various publications by the center, photographs, pamphlets, biographical files for the directors, summer courses programs and various project documents. This fonds also holds a series of records given to the Documentation center by the family of late Senator Gérald A. Beaudoin. These records document the activities of the Center during his directorship. There is also a series of biographical documents on Walter Tarnopolsky given by the latter’s family after he passed away. The rest of his archives have been deposited at Library and Archives Canada. There are two more series in this fonds: one series of records on the Network on the Constitution given by its director Don Lenihan, as well as a series of records on the Court Challenges Program.

Immediate source of acquisition: Administrative Transfer.

Languages: French and English.

Restrictions: Documents containing confidential and personal information are restricted to consultation and reproduction. The records are submitted to the Copyright's Act.

Finding aids: Inventory of textuals records; inventory of multimedia records

Accessions: More accruals are expected.


FONDS CENTRE DE RECHERCHE ET D'ENSEIGNEMENT SUR LES DROITS DE LA PERSONNE. - 1983-2009. - 3,07 m de documents textuels. - 610 documents multimédias.

Numéro de fond: 186

Portée et contenu

Dossiers administratifs du Centre de recherche et d'enseignement sur les droits de la personne. Ce fonds contient des rapports annuels (1981-2005), des procès-verbaux (1990-1994), de la correspondance (1981-2007), des documents et des enregistrements sonores et vidéo de conférences et de colloques. On y retrouve en outre des publications, des photographies, des pamphlets publicitaires, des dossiers biographiques des directeurs, les programmes des cours d’été et des documents de projets divers. Ce fonds contient en outre une série de documents donnée au Centre de recherche et d’enseignement sur les droits de la personne par la famille du Sénateur Gérald A. Beaudoin après son décès. Ces archives documentent le travail de M. Beaudoin à la direction du centre. On y retrouve en outre une série de documents biographiques donnés par la famille du juge Walter Tarnopolsky, ancien directeur du centre. Le reste de ses archives ont été déposées à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada. Il y a deux autres séries dans ce fonds : une série de documents portant sur le Réseau sur la Constitution reçu de son directeur Don Lenihan, ainsi qu’une série sur le Programme de Contestation judiciaire.

Source immédiate d'acquisition: Transfert administratifs.

Langues: Français et en anglais.

Restrictions: Les documents contenant des informations personnelles et confidentielles sont restreints à la consultation et à la reproduction. Les documents sont soumis à la Loi sur les droits d'auteur.

Instruments de recherche: Inventaires des documents textuels; inventaire des documents multimédias.

Versements complémentaires: D'autres versements sont attendus.

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